Die Young at an Old Age

sunday with sherpaherb Dec 02, 2018

This last week I was watching a TED Talk, "How to Die Young at an Old Age".  Great title and an important message.

When my father was 96 years old, he had to check into an assisted living facility to recover from some surgery. I was surprised that even though he was the oldest resident there. He was the only one who get down on the ground to store things under his bed and stand back up by himself! 

The sad fact is that most people become more feeble as they age, as their muscle mass diminishes and their connective tissues degrade. And this is the leading reason for assisted living. 

The problem is, conventional medicine concentrates on how to keep the unhealthy to live longer, rather than a healthy lifestyle.

This is where you, as a runner, has an advantage. By engaging in our high impact activity, along with following the Forever Runner guidelines of strength, mobility and sprinting, we can maintain our muscle mass and connective tissues to stave off frailty so we can "Die Young at an Old Age".

Have a great week!


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