Does MAF Training really make Runners Over 50 Faster?

aerobic training Dec 17, 2017

I get asked that question all the time. Is it really possible for runners over 50 to run faster with MAF training?

Well, I just received an email from Dr Phil Maffatone with the article "The Science of Success". In the article, he shares the story of 52 year old Biophysicist Martin Gruebele. Martin won the masters division of Cycling's 2014 Race Across America and also a couple of master wins at 50 mile ultra runs all as a result of MAF Training. According to the article, his improvement was impressive:

Over a seven-month period, Martin improved his MAF Test from about 9:10 to 6:55, while his resting heart rate fell from about 60 beats per minute to 40.

One thing particularly striking was the scientist had been tracking data on his workouts for years. Now with the new MAF numbers pouring in, he was able to scientifically plot the improvements in his performance. Plus, he was now injury-free.

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Now your results may vary, but for me, at the age of 63, I improved my MAF Test from 10:30 minutes/mile to 8:30 minutes /mile in just 3 months!

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