sunday with sherpaherb Dec 09, 2018

The whole basis of the Forever Runner Method is elimination of chronic inflammation and stress so you can continue to be healthy and fit as you age.

I've got to tell you, it's a hard sell due to the pervasive "No Pain, No Gain" attitude surrounding the fitness industry.

My method is counter-intuitive  to mainstream fitness because it's based on science, not marketing. That's why we go against the grain with low heart rate training and limiting carb intake.

And if you think running slow and not eating bagels is tough, I have another challenge for you.

The winter time is when many of us head to the gym to keep up our fitness due to shorter daylight hours and lousy weather.

The problem is, most, if not all gym programs are based on "No Pain, No Gain".  After all, why would you pay money to a trainer if they didn't leave you slumped over a puddle of sweat on the floor.

The "HIIT" protocol (High Intensity Interval Training) is universally proclaimed as the best workout you can do.

But it's not!

Science shows that very short maximum efforts followed by total recovery gives you all the benefits without the elevated stress and inflammation from extended, repetitious tough efforts.

That is why I teach the "HIRT" protocol (high intensity repeat training). What "HIRT" means is that you should recover enough between each interval that performance doesn't drop. And if performance drops even after resting, you're done!

So now you have a way to be embarrassed in the gym. Doing a short workout with lots of recovery while your friends are busting their butts.

Sorry about that...

But I'm willing to bet they won't be there 10 years from now and you will!

 Have a great week!


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