How to Close Out Your 2018

sunday with sherpaherb Dec 16, 2018

I'm a big fan of goal setting and now is the best time to get your goals set up for next year. 

But there is a big mistake many of us make that sabotages our goals every year. And that is not coming to grips with the current year. You see, if you don't close out the current year, it's going to influence your goals moving forward, and not always in a good way.

Along with your wins, you might of had some plans that didn't turn out, some times you didn't follow through or do the work. You may be left with the feeling you're not worthy or even have the capability to succeed.

It like climbing a mountain with rocks in your pack.

Don't let your past dictate your future.

Here's what to do... get a piece of paper and draw a line down the middle. On the left side, write down your wins and disappointments from all aspects of your life for 2018.

Then on the right side of the line, write your lessons learned from each entry. 

As an example, for running, I wrote down that I successfully finished my "A" race of the year that was 50 miles at high altitude. My lesson learned was to trust the Forever Runner Method and continue to stick to it. 

On the down side, I went out too fast at my local marathon and had to drop, failing to qualify for Boston. My lesson learned was to drop the age group podium ego and stick to the plan.

After you have completed your list. Take a good look at it, when you learn your lessons, you win!

Then... throw it away! (or better yet, burn it!)

You want to start the new year with an empty pack, where anything is possible.

Give this a try. Hopefully this exercise will work for you.

Have a great week!


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