Just Running Won’t Make You Healthy & Fit

forever running Feb 02, 2019

Just Running won't make you healthy and fit.

Let me explain...

Many people treat running as their daily "workout". One and done.

But the reality is, if you sit in an office all day, after work get your run in, then sit on the couch the rest of the night, you haven't accomplished anything for your fitness and health.

That's why the 3rd principal in the Forever Runner Method is Move & Mobilize.

Exercise is just like eating. Every day you eat a healthy diet and take some vitamins to supplement your nutrition. Think of running the same way. Throughout your day, you are constantly moving and mobilizing and you supplement that with some running.

I like the bookend approach.

Start and end your day with mobilization, and move in between. For example, after you wake up, do a yoga sun salutation and before you go to bed, spend 10 minutes foam rolling and doing a couch stretch.

During the day, use a stand up desk at work or at home. Have 20 minute move breaks. Do some walking, deep squats, lunges or hang from a bar. Simple things like keeping your water bottle on the floor so you have to bend down to reach it helps. Have a rule that no escalators or elevators used under 6 floors.

There are many ways to work movement and mobility into your day. Set up some micro habits or routines and your running will end up being the icing on the cake!




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