Know Your Why and Run Forever!

Dec 17, 2017

Why do you run? To stay fit, lose weight, or for the competition? Those are all good reasons to run, but if you are struggling, not running faster, not losing weight, or training consistently, then you need to get your head straight. Otherwise, you will continue to drift until you revert to being a jogger or worse yet, quitting running altogether.

I have witnessed this first hand, as I've watched former competitors slow, and eventually quit racing as they get older.

So how do you stop this downward spiral?

You need to find your why. You see, your reason for running may not be enough to:

Get you out the door on a cold, dark, rainy day.
Get you out to the track or weight room.
Get you to eat healthy.
Challenge you to run further and longer than ever before.
So instead of having a reason to run, you need to find your why, the core belief to drive you beyond your limits to get what you desire and deserve.

I Found My Why
I found my why about a couple of years ago when I helped my father move into assisted living.

My dad was always active, but I never thought about it much until at the age of 96, he moved into an assisted living facility to recover from surgery.
Although he was one of the oldest residents, he was the only one that went outside for long walks, used the exercise bike and played pool. He was also the only one who could get up off the ground by himself or lift heavy things over his head.

I made up my mind, that I was going to do everything possible to be active forever so I can enjoy quality of life and not be a burden on my family. "I'm going to run till I'm 100!"

Find Your Why
So how do you find your why?

Complete this sentence: I run so that I can ______so that I ______.
You may have to ask "so that I ..." a couple more times. When I'm coaching clients, sometimes it takes quite a few questions to really nail down their why. But once you've discovered your why, it will never leave you.

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If you are over 50, and want to share your journey with a group of like minded runners, click this link:

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