Schedule Some Down Time

sunday with sherpaherb Sep 30, 2018

A good training plan should always have a chunk of down time built in. 

Not only as a time for complete rest and recovery, but also as an opportunity to do something other than running for a bit.

For me, my racing season is over in September so I usually take the month of October off. Not totally from running, but scaled way back.

This month I’m spending more time playing pickleball and going on a surfing trip for a week.

Pickleball is great as a change up from running with all the explosive, lateral movements you don’t normally experience from running.

Surfing is the ultimate balance sport with some upper body work from all the paddling.

After a month’s “rest”, I’m ready to get back to run training which is normally a 3 month base building of easy MAF paced runs.

So I recommend you incorporate a good month of rest and recovery every year and take that opportunity to try something different.

Be a multi-dimensional athlete, it will pay dividends as you get older.

Have a great Sunday!


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