The 4 Pillers of Longevity for Runners over 50

longevity Jan 04, 2020
Did you know your one mile running time at the age of 50 can predict how long you live?
That is just one of the gems in Mark Sisson's just released book "Keto for Life". This book is not just another one of those fad Keto diet books, but rather a comprehensive handbook for those who want to experience more freedom, Independence and vitality as they age.
I originally got interested in longevity after my father moved to an assisted living facility at the age of 96 to recover from a surgery. Although he was the oldest resident at the facility, he was about the only one who could still get down on the floor to store shoes under his bed and get up without assistance. He could also reach up to the highest cabinets in the kitchen without a problem, and he went outside for a walk everyday, no matter the weather.
I was surprised that no one else there had that same Independence of movement. I didn't want to end up like those other people, I wanted to have the freedom to live life on my own terms. So I dove into becoming a Primal Health Coach to learn and share what it would take to not only live a full, vibrant life, but also how I could keep running till I was 100!
My father got there by always being active during the day, eating a wholesome, Mediterranean style diet, early to bed and early to rise, and staying active in his community. This essentially relates directly to the 4 pillars of longevity that Mark describes in his new book. Those pillars are #1: Metabolic Flexibility, #2: Movement and Physical Fitness, #3: Mental Flexibility, and #4: Rest and Recovery.

Metabolic Flexibility

Metabolic flexibility is the concept of utilizing all of your metabolic pathways you were born with. Most of us, by following the American Standard Diet, are limited to only burning sugar or carbohydrates for fueling our day. The resulting insulin resistance effectively blocks fat burning and Ketone production, which are actually the two main fuel sources our bodies are designed to use. There are many ways to trigger metabolic flexibility, and it can be accomplished in less than a month. Mark goes into great detail in his book on how to turn your metabolism around, and you don't have to go on a restrictive, extreme keto diet to do it. Once, you switch over to burning fat during the day for fuel, you will no longer be driven by constant hunger pains, and subsequent sugar lows and instead, have boundless energy during the day without having to constantly snack.

Movement and Physical Fitness

As a runner, you may feel you have this one nailed. But as Mark points out in his book, 30 to 60 minutes of exercise a day, will not give the full benefit you would expect if you spend the rest of you day in a sedentary lifestyle. We are all aware of the importance of maintaining strength and mobility as we age and in the book, Mark explains how, by doing "micro workouts", you can maintain your muscle mass without having to go to a gym or dedicate a specific time for strength training. By incorporating his suggestions, you can continue to be active as you age without becoming injured from chronic cardio or a "no gain without pain" training program.

Mental Flexibility

This broad definition includes an assortment of powerful mindset and behavior practices that promote resiliency for life the same way that metabolic flexibility makes you resilient enough to be able to skip meals and still maintain energy and focus. In the book, Mark talks about "pivoting", which is going with the flow when facing life changes. Being mindful and living in the present rather than worrying about the past or the future is a common trait of centenarians in all cultures. Also staying connected with your community and having a purpose to your life are the keys to a long and fulfilling life.

Rest and Recovery

As runners we focus a lot on our training regime but as older runners, proper rest and recovery is almost more important than that daily workout. We're not talking just physical rest, but also rest from brain sucking technology and the input overload during the day that is part of our modern life. Mark outlines some specific strategies to get the most out of your nightly sleep and how to recover from your physical load during the day, but also mental stress. The goal is to wake each day feeling rejuvenated with vibrant energy throughout the day.

Required Reading

If you really want to take control of your health and your aging process, Keto for Life is your handbook. I highly recommend you pick up a copy and follow the 21 day biological clock reset in the back of the book. If you are over 50 years old and have questions or would like help in implementing the 4 pillars, Click this link to schedule a no obligation call with me. I'll be happy to answer your questions and see if you are a good fit for this program.

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