The World Champion and MAF

sunday with sherpaherb Oct 14, 2018

Hope you had a great week last week.

I recently listened to Bran Kearns' Primal Endurance podcast about the training routine of marathon world champion Eluid Kipchoge. 

Like most elite marathoners, Eluid puts in the miles, 100 -130 miles a week. But unlike many competitive marathoners and probably a lot of us, he does most of his training at a relatively easy pace.

It's estimated that most of his weekly runs are at 10 to 20 beats below his MAF heart rate. He trains 1:30 per mile below his marathon pace which equates for us around 2 - 3 minutes below our marathon pace. And his intensity workouts are short with plenty of recovery. 

So he doesn't beat himself up training to compete at the highest level.

He knows, and his competitors know, that when he shows up on the starting line, he has a lot more in his tank than the others. Heck, he doesn't even taper for his races!

He is proof that no pain, no gain is not true, even at the highest level.

"When I run, I feel good, my mind feels good. I sleep in a free way and enjoy life."

Sounds like a perfect training plan for a marathon!

Have a great Sunday,


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