New program specifically for runners in their 50's, 60's and 70's

Run 1 min/mile faster in just 90 days... without the pain of speed work or fear of injury!

The doors to my unique "Forever Faster after 50" program are now open!

[Limited to the first 10 students]

Do you find yourself constantly stiff, sore and fighting injuries?

Perhaps you don't know if you're going to be able to keep running.

Do you feel frustrated with your running?

You've read lots of article and books, but they don't seem to apply to us older runners.

You feel like you're getting slower and slower. The old tried and true training plans aren't working anymore. You've still got the fire inside you, but not sure how to keep it going.

Does this resonate with you? If so, you've arrived in the right place …

Welcome to Forever Fast after 50!

A 12 week program that that will effortlessly get you faster without pain or fear of injury.

End the worry and frustration not knowing what to do to maintain your running lifestyle with this proven, age specific training method.

No matter how old or slow you are, you can improve... Not by training harder, but smarter.

Many runner's have surprised themselves
with their new-found energy and speed.

You can achieve this too.

Could now be the right time to take the next step in your journey?

Meet your guide, Coach Herb

"I help older runners unlock their hidden potential so they can achieve more than they imagined."

I'm looking for 10 motivated runners for this first cohort of my new program. I'm confident that you can transform your running by following this proven method.

What do you get when you enroll?

Personal Assessment and Optimal Pacing

Get your training heart rate dialed in along with a personalized training plan with my 7 Day "Quick Start" program that will get you down the road to meeting your goals. We'll work on improving your gait, making running more efficient and enjoyable.

12 Weeks of Coaching, with 12 live sessions

10X your experience with a group setting as we all share our journeys and insights with specific guidance to keep you on track.

12 pre-recorded course modules to embrace at you own pace

Enjoy easy access to training on the
proven steps from the Forever Runner Method to turn yourself into a more powerful, well-rounded runner.

Access to a like minded community

Share your wins and questions in our private "Forever Runner Clubhouse" community. There's a wealth of experiences from fellow runners you can tap into.


The Program Works!

"I'm running further. I'm running faster. I lost 30 pounds feeling great, trusting the process."

Mike M.

Coaching Programs

7 Day Quick Start


Most Popular

  • Training Heart Rate Assessment

  • Personal Training Plan

  • Coaching call

Group Coaching

$200/m or $900/6 months

  • Goal Assessment

  • 7 Day Quick Start

  • Personal training plan

  • Video gait analysis

  • Weekly coaching calls

  • Fast After 50 training course*

  • Private Community

Private Coaching

$400/m or $2,400/6 months

  • Goal Assessment

  • 7 Day Quick Start

  • Personal training plan

  • Video gait analysis

  • Weekly coaching calls

  • Fast After 50 course*

  • Primal Health coaching



My heartfelt 100% satisfaction guarantee.

If for any reason, you are not satisfied with my coaching, I will refund your investment.

Transformation awaits, are you ready?

Click the button to schedule your FREE enrollment call so we can determine if my program is a good fit for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

I recently read a great article by Sarah Lavander Smith, an accomplished running coach for the last 8 years, now retiring, She offered these great questions you should ask a prospective running coach. I added her comments in italics.

What level of customization do you offer, and how frequently do you update and modify plans?

Do not go with a coach who offers a standard non-custom plan (e.g. “16 weeks to a 50K!”) or a lot of cut-and-paste between clients.

Every training plan I do is customized for you. I don't have standard plans. Working with you, I'll modify your plan on the fly if your status or schedule changes.

FAQ image

How much guidance do you give per workout?

Ask to see a sample of one of the coach’s plans to get a sense of the level of detail they provide. Depending on where you are in your journey and what your goals are, I will put some parameters around your runs, such as heart rate, pace, cadence, walk breaks, tempo finishes, hydration/fueling...

FAQ image

Do you include any drills or strength and mobility workouts in the week? How about form feedback?

I believe it’s important to layer different forms of conditioning into the week, as appropriate given where the client is in a training block vis a vis their goal race(s), and also to see a client run.

Yes, I have a variety of strength and mobility drills that I can include depending on your need. I also offer video gait analysis for all clients.

FAQ image

What you should pay

I charged $75/week for custom training plans and all the consultation that goes with it. I spent on average one hour per week per client. $75 per hour seems reasonable to me for a professional service with high customization.

I charge $400/month for private clients. And I offer group coaching which includes weekly calls for only $200/month which for some people is even more valuable than private coaching!

FAQ image

How many clients do you have, and do you coach full time or have another job?

Some coaches have 30 to 50 or more clients, which I suppose they can handle if it’s a full-time job, but I could only handle half that many at most. I keep my number of clients around 10-12. I'm retired and have time for more, but prefer the personal attention I can give.

FAQ image

What kind of pre-race consultation do you offer?

In my view, a coach should offer strategy sessions at no extra charge.

With more than a couple dozen marathons and over 60 ultramarathons under my belt, I know the importance of proper preparation for events. I work with you to fine-tune your race-day strategy.

FAQ image

What platform do you use?

Look for a coach who uses Training Peaks. In my view, Training Peaks is the best coaching platform for coach-client communication, data analysis, and special features.

I use "Athletica". It's not just a training plan app like Training Peaks. It is Ai powered and very flexible. It connects with your Garmin watch and STRAVA.

FAQ image

Who have you learned from or received coaching from?

Good coaching takes experience plus education. Ask a prospective coach if they’ve been coached by anyone, and whose methods they adapt or follow.

I entered into the Primal Coaching program by Mark Sisson and received my Primal Health Coach Certification. Then I also graduated from Dr. Phil Maffetone's MAF Foundations program. I'm currently in coach Lindsey Parry's program. I'm a firm believer in coaching and wouldn't be providing it if I wasn't also being coached too.

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