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Have you ever hoped that as you age, you could continue to enjoy effortless running, without the pain or fear of a career ending injury?

With the right training and support, that can happen, even if you think you are too slow!
The problem is, you've been lead down the wrong path...
  • You are following training plans that don't take your age into account.
  • You've been told there's "No gain without pain"/"More is better".
  • You're missing the two important things you should be focusing on as an older runner.
Is this you?
  • I'm frustrated with my running, I'm just not making any progress.
  • I'm not sure where to turn, there's too much information out there.
  • I'm losing motivation to run, I feel I just can't compete anymore.
I've been there too, until one breakthrough made all the difference...
I discovered low heart rate training.
Everything about my running was better!
After many trials and dead ends, I learned how to adapt low heart rate training for us older runners through my Forever Runner method, so we can continue to effortlessly run, without injury as we age.
This is important, because if you keep following the same running practices, you (just like 80% of runners) are going to experience an injury that could end your running career.


My Coaching App has daily reminders that I monitor to ensure you are following your training plan.


You will be with other runners, just like you, with shared experiences that verify you're on the right track.


You will have access to my video training course covering all aspects of the Forever Runner Method.

Ready to transform your running and health?

Click the button below so we can talk and see if I'm a good fit for you. I only work with motivated runners over 50 years old who are tired of the old training methods that leave you exhausted, stiff and injured.

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Through my coaching, you'll discover...

  • How to run more efficiently so that you enjoy effortless running which means you'll run faster, longer, and enjoy your runs more.
  • How to optimize your metabolism to burn more body fat so that you have unlimited energy during the day which means you'll finally lose that last 5-10 pounds.
  • How to personalize your training so that you are always totally recovered which means you can "Make Gains without Pain"
  • How to build muscle mass so that you bulletproof your body which means you don't have to worry about injuries anymore.

Sheri O.

"So the changes I've experienced now, little over a month of being part of this program is I'm just blown away. First and foremost, that my running has now become effortless. I can run further, faster, a minute off each mile on average. And it's just so effortless. My breathing, my energy level. It's not a challenge anymore, and I don't hurt."



Pierre P.

"Prior to coaching. I found that I, whenever I ran, I would, reinjure my Achilles tendonitis and thus I couldn't run far. And I really didn't enjoy running. I'd say through coaching, I was able to learn a new way of running, I become more fit. I've enjoyed running and I've been able to make my running goals without any injury."



Mike M.

"I was not doing very well with the progression of running. I wasn't really getting any faster. Following along what coach was telling me to do. I'm running further. I'm running faster. I lost 30 pounds feeling great, trusting the process. and I've done all this without one injury, one day of too much soreness. And so I'm very pleased with the results."


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  • Forever Runner Clubhouse - Lifetime access
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  • Goal Assessment
  • Personal training plan
  • Video gait analysis
  • Weekly coaching calls
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  • Forever Runner Training Center
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Private Coaching

$250/m for 6 months

  • Goal Assessment
  • Personal training plan
  • Video gait analysis
  • Bi-Weekly coaching calls
  • Daily Prompts on MYCoach app
  • Forever Runner Training Center
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Guarantee: Try this out, if after 30 days, my coaching is not a good fit for you, I'll refund your payment, no questions asked!

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Hiring a coach can be scary. But the right coach can be a game changer for your running and health. Be sure to check out the "Frequently Asked Questions" below.

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Frequently Asked Questions

I recently read a great article by Sarah Lavander Smith, an accomplished running coach for the last 8 years, now retiring, She offered these great questions you should ask a prospective running coach. I added her comments in italics.